About Me

Life is a series of interconnected thoughts and experiences, built upon layers and layers of nuanced understanding. I came to be a massage therapist in just such a way. I’ve always been curious – needing to know more, see more, understand more, do more – each answer and experience leading only to more questions. And it’s always been tied up with language, with communication, with physicality, and with the need to help others. I am both an active person, and a mom. 

My academics focused first on neurolinguistics – the study of science and languages. The parts of our body communicate – often loudly – to one another, although often go unheard. My career has been as a Registered Respiratory Therapist – treating one of those parts – over 18 years at Toronto’s Sick Kids Hospital.  

And here I’ve arrived.  Owning Systems 11.  A Registered Massage Therapist.  It is my destination, and where I can combine multiple levels of medicine, understanding and experience to integrate all the aspects of being human with hospital best practices.  To treat the sum and not just the parts. To care, to nurture, and to heal – for the long-term.  

Paulyn Sumagui Sunn, RMT, RRT, BSc

Member of College of Massage Therapists of Ontario